In the web world I’m known as Maky or Maky Chan – the blue boots’blogger; but in the real world I’m Melissa Benedetta Itri. I’m 23, I live in Sant’Agata dei Goti and I’m attending the last year of Fashion Desing in the Naples’ Fine arts School.
What made me create my fashion blog was the love for the fashion; a matter I’ve been studying for years now. Initially considering it a game but later on a serious challenge to myself, I started to collect material about new trends and styles and I tried to tell all of my discovers and thoughts in my own way in my cyber diary.
I don’t really like write about stylists present in their fashion shows not beacuse they are not important but simply because i prefer write about new trends I see with my own eyes. The themes i write about the most are the street style and how people tries to reinterpret trends seen in fashion shows even in low cost versions.
I’m a fashion blogger from about a year, I can consider myself like an emergent blogger. I didn’take any particular course or lesson to undertake this carreer, I just use the knowledge and the skills gained during my years spent at the university.
I could say the style representing me the most is the Gothic/Punk but revisited in a more casual and pratical way.
I love study and what i can do with my own hands; I really love fashion handicraft.
Among my favourite stylist there are Westwood, Valentino, Yves Saint Lauren, Ungaro, Marras, the list is long but everyone of them have something unique.
My favourite brands are the so called “alternative style” brands like: Iron fist, Melissa, Moschino and “I am not a chinese product” a new born italian handmade brand.
I spend many hours to keep my blog up considering the time it takes to write and publish an article, let alone the time to do researches and the study of the various topics.
I start analyzing the new trends, thinking about what I could write, what people could consider interesting.
I read also a lot of fashion magazines to be sure of what I write.
After the research phase I start the actual writing adding also images, quotations and all i can use to make my article more complete.
I think social networks make a bit easier do people know me; they have a really important role in my job; they represent a showcase for the world to see and maybe appreciate me

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