Melissa Nina

I'm originally from Tuscany, I was born in Livorno and studied in Pisa but I was "adopted" from Brescia for some years.Since a month I officially became salodiana.I have always had a deep prediliction for the beauty and the fashion even though my courses of study have led me to follow different paths. With sacrifice (I had a very young child) with a lot of passion , I graduated in fashion design courses which are followed some important masters. Drawing seemed to me a limiting form of communication so and I turned to writing :my great love.Thanks to some collaborations with blog and online magazine I was able to combine my two passions: fashion and writing.As soon as I felt ready to get in the game I opened my blog: that although is very young,is giving to me a lot of satisfaction.

Melissa Nina in Blogs

The blog is rather then six months old.It is very young  and for this reason is always evolving. My attempt is to create a blog that reflects me, my personality and my interests. I speak about my life, big and small problems with a large window on beauty, fitness, travel and fashion .Fashion .. .hard to define ... Continue reading ›