The blog is rather then six months old.It is very young  and for this reason is always evolving. My attempt is to create a blog that reflects me, my personality and my interests.

I speak about my life, big and small problems with a large window on beauty, fitness, travel and fashion .Fashion .. .hard to define :each one has its own view.I think that fashion is that  one of the people who wear the clothes on the street, women who go to work, and  go to take their children to school and who are struggling to make ends month.I try  to give  them small but useful tips on how to choose the right underwear, rather than finding the pants suitable to their physical conformation, or how to create a perfect wedding outfit with less than 300 euro. You do not need to have a personal stylist or have a lot of money to be nice. You have to know some  little tricks that can make a big difference.As I often say “There are no ugly women, but only women that is not ” Soon, the various recommendations I collected in years in the fashion industry will be  gathered in a book  sold on blog.I spend  most of my day at my job, I try to do it in the most professional and serious as possible even if the time  is not enough.I try to be present on social (facebook and instagram in the first place): i thanks to social is possible to find  collaborations, exchange views … the contact with people who follow me, even if using the keyboard, it makes my job less virtual .

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